09 November 2009

Klee Sequencer (Part 1)

Today I got the first parts for the Klee Sequencer. I only got some resistors actually and not even all of them. My local electronics supplier was out of 100K 1% resistors. So they had to order them for me. They didn't have time to get the rest yet. There was a choice to make in the design for 5 Volt or 10 Volt trigger voltages. I chose the 5 Volt. I think my stuff will trigger on that. If not I will have to change some resistors later on. This is something to look at when you want to build a Klee sequencer for yourself. In the picture on the left you see the digital PCB by the way.

In the picture on the right you see the analog PCB. I'm also missing the 100K resistors for this one, but then lots of them were stated as 0.1%. My local electronics store actually never heard of that :) I need to see if I can get them somewhere on the Internet. If you have tips please let me know. There is also a possibility to hand match the resistors from 1% types. The mounting holes in these PCB's are quite small actually what makes it difficult to get the solder flowing. But I guess I have to get used to this for this project. Maybe I should look for a smaller tip for my soldering iron.

Here is another picture of the Klee Sequencer front panel together with the PCB's. I'm now studying the building document and I'm looking for the front panel components. There is a lot of switches on there and the building document states that it is important to get quality ones for this. Bridechamber is not selling a component kit for this unfortunately, so I will have to find them somewhere else. Ah well I'm sure I'll find the brands mentioned in the document somewhere. So far this looks like a fun project. I can't wait to get it doing something useful :)

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