22 November 2009

Moon Modular 553 Midi to Clock Module

I'm still building a lot of DIY synthesizer modules, but I recently also bought a module that I could not buy as a kit. It is a 553 Midi to Clock Module that I bought from Moon Modular. It receives midi clock and outputs a clock signal that can be used to clock the sequencers I'm building. With this module I will be able later on to synchronize my midi setup (from my Sonar software sequencer) with the modular setup. If you are interested in this module you can find more information on this URL: http://lunar-experience.com/553.html

Here you can see a picture from the right. It just barely fits in my cabinet. As you can see it is very shallow. The module looks very nice and is professionally build. Moon Modular has more interesting modules. Be sure to check them out. The only challenge I have now is that this modules came with a synthesizers.com power connector. And even though I have a MOTM 950 with a power distribution board with the right connectors, it didn't come with a cable to connect it. So I ordered some connectors and will make this cable myself.

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