08 November 2008

Yusynth (Part 7)

Last week I also picked up work on my big modular project. Now that I know that we are going to integrate the modular into one of the new studio desks I'm very eager to get stuff done. I received the first front panels I ordered from Bridechamber a while ago. On the left you see a panel that is intended for a Yusynth Fixed Filter Bank. I also ordered the PCB and all the components for this module from Bridechamber since I didn't make that one yet, but I didn't receive it yet. On the right you see a front panel for a Woggle Bug module that I will also build soon. This one is not from Yusynth, but looked so interesting from the Bridechamber page that I couldn't resist ordering it. I will be also build one of these PCB's for my friend Hanz.

Bridechamber also had some new front panels for the Yusynth filter modules. I also ordered them. I actually did make these PCB's in the first run I did at my old employers.

On the right you see two PCB's I'm building for the Minimoog clone VCF's or also called Transistor Ladder Filter on the Bridechamber website. Like the name suggests it is a clone from the famous Minimoog filter. As you can see these PCB's are almost complete. I'm just missing the trimpotmeter. My local electronics shop provided me with 1 turn potmeters in stead of 25 turn. So I need to switch them.

The next filter modules I build are EMS diode ladder filter clones. I hear it has a very special sound. As you can see I'm still missing some components for this PCB. My local electronics shop couldn't suplly them any more, but I'll try to get them somewhere else. This module came in two versions. I chose the discrete versions that uses normal BC547 transistors. I have plenty of those. You just need to hand match them, but with the new multimeter I bought a while ago this is fairly simple. It is just amazing to see how much difference in value there is with a bunch of BC547's from the same production batch. Again I also got the wrong trim potmeters like on the previous modules.

The last modules I'm working on now are a clone of the famous ARP4072 also used in the ARP2600. Again this module came in different variants and I chose to build the discrete version again with a lot of transistors. This time it uses BC557's that again needed to be hand matched. I'm getting quite experienced in this by now ;) Unfortunately again I got some wrong components again. And I need to find two LM3900N's somewhere. Ah well I will try to get them from Farnell first. And if that doens't work I'm sure Bridechamber can provide them, since they are also selling component kits. I'm happy to be back to soldering again. It really takes my mind of the stress of the studio construction going on for a while. I hope the front panels for these modules arrive quickly. It would be nice to finally fully assemble a module. For now I only have bits and pieces lying around. I'll update you soon.