05 November 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 18)

Just before the weekend the floor heating system was put in. On top of a layer of isolation you see a metal grid that hold the hole system in place. On top of that hoses are being mounted where just hot water is running trough. This will slowly heat up the floor that will act as one big radiator. Very clever. The only problem with it is that the floor we initially selected was not suited for floor heating so we had to come up with something else. Luckily we didn't order it yes, so it was no big problem to solve. We chose carpet eventually because it also has better acoustic characteristics.

On top of this floor heating system another layer of concrete was put to form the final top floor. They did this just before the weekend so it could dry out during the weekend. On Monday we could already walk on it. In the bottom of the picture on the right you can just see a bit of the new floor. You can also see the ladder that we use to go up and down now. Hopefully the final stairs will be put in this week. That will make it a lot easier to get stuff in and out of there.

In this picture you can see that it is still very moist downstairs. This week they put in some big heaters and moisture removers to get most of the water out. The drops you see on the ceiling are not coming from outside, but it water that is condensation on the coldest spot in the room which is the top layer of concrete of the basement. But this water has to go out before we can put the carpet on the floor and until it is dry I can't put any equipment in either. It would be a shame if anything gets damaged by the moisture.

In the picture on the right you see a shot of me talking to the furniture builder who came of the take measurements. Since the studio furniture will be custom build it has to fit exactly. You can also see that on the sides the floor is lower. There will be a special cable guiding system fitted there. It runs along all the walls and in this way I can get cabling from any place to any place. Very convenient :) I hope that electrician will come this week so I will have some light and power downstairs. But things are looking better every week :)

I conclude this post with a very nice widescreen picture my friend Chris made of the new studio:

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