18 November 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 21)

Last week the constructor finished work on the cable guiding system and leveled the floor. The holes in the floor next to the system were filled with concrete. Again a lot of water was put in so this also has to dry as well before we can continue. Here you can see that we moved the de-moisturizer to the studio. Since the most moisture is there now that seemed logical. We still get out several buckets of water every day. And even though it looks quite dry it can't be for this reason. But we hope that this week the ceilings will be sprayed in the studio and cinema. After that we can start on the wall and lay the carpet on the floor. I can't wait to finally move some stuff in there.

Here you can see the cabling guidance system in the server room. It stops were the 19'' cabinet will be positioned. It wont stand against the wall so that I can easily go around it. Work usually has to be done on the back for cabling etc. I have learned from my mistakes in the past ;) There is already some stuff in the cabinet as you can see. In the box is a brand new Cisco gigabit Ethernet switch that will provide networking to all the machines on the lower floor. There will be a couple of servers in the cabinet but also some machines in the studio later on. I'm trying to put as many as possible in the server room to keep the noise level low in the studio of course, but some machines need to be closer to the equipment. There will also be a KVM switch in the cabinet. I'm planning to use KVM extenders over UTP cabling to remotely control the servers in the rack from the studio.

As you can see we also have some light now downstairs. Still temporary but very convenient I can tell you. And you also see we already moved some furniture down. We just didn't have any space any more to temporary store it upstairs. This cabinet was in our living room, but will later on hold the DVD's that go into the cinema. The annoying thing about this stuff now is that we will have to take it out again when they are going to do the ceilings and again when the carpet is laid. A lot of extra work that we are not looking forward too since we are starting to get a bit tired. But I'm afraid that things won't happen on its own so we just have to keep going for a while. I think this will be the last construction post I put up since I'm planning to do a separate thread on cabling and acoustics. And starting from the work on the ceiling and the carpet on we are talking about acoustics actually. So lets consider rough construction done by now and let it dry for a bit. See you in the next thread :)

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