23 November 2008

Apollo Studio Furniture (Part 2)

I'm currently very busy with the guy that is building my studio furniture to work on the final design. We are constantly exchanging Google Sketchup drawings like the one you see on the left. It is a great tool for this purpose. In the mean time we are much further by the way but I intentionally wanted to show you how it was in the beginning of this process. We are trying to fit in as much as 19" equipment as possible but still keep the desk space as big as possible.

At this moment he is building real scale models of the different parts of the furniture. These models are not made of the final material yet that will be used in the end, but it is just to see if the measurements are correct. From this model the final version will be build.

In total 10 of these cabinets will be build. 8 for the big studio desk and 2 for the modular desk that will be on the other side of my studio. As you can see the cabinet is tilted a bit backwards. This way it will be easier to see on the displays of the equipment that will be on there later. I heard by the way that the final 2 studio desks will be constructed out of 256 parts in total! Most of it these parts will be put together on the spot in the studio.

In the picture on the left you see some of the mahony wood that will be used for the finishing of the studio furniture. The big parts will be made of MDF that will be lacked in a black finish. This mahony wood will be lacked in a bit darker brown/reddish color. I think it will look just great in the end :) I can't wait until it will be installed in the studio. The furniture builder promised me to take pictures of the construction process. When this picture was taken the wood was just lying there to dry. I'll update you soon when there are new pictures.

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