05 November 2008

ASM-2 (Part 7)

It has been a while since I worked on my DIY projects with the deadline stress for the album, but I picked up now where I left. I want to try and finish the ASM-2 first. In the picture on the left you can see the completely finished PolyDAC PCB. I also finished the Raw DC PCB by now. Not very exciting to look at. Basically it is just a rough power converter from AC to DC. It is nice that is a separate PCB so it can be mounted in the cabinet somewhere far away together with a transformer to avoid it from interfering the audio signal.

I also received the front panel for the ASM-2 recently. It was actually way bigger than I expected. From the pictures on the website from Elby I figured it would be 19'' format. But you can see it standing against our couch here so I can guess you can judge the format from it. If not there are some more pictures later on in the post. I also ordered all the knobs from Elby Designs. All I have to do now is find suitable front panel components like potmeters, switches, jacks etc. I will try to find them from my local electronics shop. Elby was very nice to provide a list with all the components they use themselves so I can try to find matching components here.

Since I'm talking a lot to the guy that is going to build my studio furniture, we also talked about modulars. We even agreed to make a very special desk for my electronics/modular corner that will include the Yusynth modular I'm going to build. I'm very excited about that. It will be great for sure. But I also asked him if he maybe could make a cabinet in the same style of wood for the ASM-2 and he agreed that was a good idea :) So I gave him the front panel and he started working on it right away.

As you can see it looks great already :) But he said it needed another two layers of coating. And he was constructing some metal strips to go on the edges since I mentioned to him that I wanted to be able to take this synthesizer along to synth meetings, since I think it will become something very special. It will be put on top of the YuSynth studio furniture that he will build for me and as far as my imagination goes that will look spectacular later on :) I'll keep you posted on this for sure.


reSEQUENCer said...

The ASM-2 looks great in its cabinet, Michel. I have bought several Euro modules from Laurie at Elby - he is not too far from me in Australia.

Have you made sounds with the ASM yet?

Synth.nl said...

No I still need to finish it, but the last half year I spend on building a new studio and now I'm working on a new album again. So I'm a bit short in time :(