07 November 2008

Jazzmutant Dexter

One of the things that really impressed me last year when we went to the Musik Messe in Frankfurt was the Jazzmutant Dexter. It is a multi touch controller and I think it is the coolest and most intuitive DAW controller that exists at this moment. I have been itching to buy one for my new studio. I recently sold the Tascam US-2400 I use before and bought this one for the new studio. I'm also looking for something with real motorized faders next to it, but I haven't decided what yet. But since I'm currently tearing down my studio and I am limited in room for a while this is perfect for now. And off course it will get a nice spot in the new studio for sure :)

So what does this baby do? Well the first thing you see when you boot it up looks just like a regular mixer. You have 8 faders for channels and 1 for the main volume control. And since it is multi touch you can actually control multiple faders at the same time with multiple fingers. It is most accurate when you use your nails by the way. It is also very easy to mute and solo channels from this view and even arm recorded tracks. There is also a view that shows all channels grouped by 8 faders at a time and then you can select those to go on your screen.

Another cool view you can select from the main mixer screen is some sort of channel strip. Here you can instantly adjust EQ settings, also with multiple fingers you can control multiple points. You can't do that with a mouse :) There is also a XY controller that lets you set parameters on any of the FX plugins on you channel and a surround panner that is just too cool to be true. I could go on like this for hours, but I'll spare you that. Another nice thing is that is connects through Ethernet which allows you to even let it connect to multiple computers. And since I use a multi computer setup that is like a dream come true. If you are interested take a look at the Jazz Mutant website. http://www.jazzmutant.com/. There are even some movies there. I'll try to make some of my own later as well. I only found on little problem. Integration with Sonar 7 works perfectly, but in Sonar 8 not everything seems to work. But I'm sure they will fix that. The last cool thing is that I installed a dual boot OS now with also the Jazzmutant Lemur software. This is a open platform that lets you design your own controllers. I already found a great midi syncable step sequencer :) Man this is really great. It is not cheap by the way but in my opinion worth every penny!


Joel said...

Now that it way cool! Very expensive (I checked the Australian pricing and nearly passed out!) but still an extremely nice bit of kit.

Thomas Dolby seems to have used something similar in this vid: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=cNIQrIXlrNw

Synth.nl said...

Yes it is expensive, but it is so flexible and intuitive. I really love it.