07 November 2008

Synth.nl with 3 tracks on Elektroland #76

Last week I was played with three tracks on Elektroland. This is a Danish radio show hosted by Bjørn Jeppesen, who is a very good EM artist himself, performing under the name Nattefrost. He is actually a professional radio presenter and his show is broadcasted on 12 FM radio stations throughout Denmark. He played 'Stratosphere', 'Cirrostratus' and 'Altostratus' from my last album on his show. It is also availble as podcast from this URL:


Look for show #76. I was also played on previous shows like #72, #61, #55 and #54. They are also still available for you to listen to. I advice you to listen in the player since the download versions are shortened. You won't hear full tracks there.

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