07 November 2008

Yamaha SY99

I recently sold some stuff that wont go in the new studio, but I also acquired some new stuff. One of the synthesizers I bought I was VERY impressed about is the Yamaha SY99. It is huge to start with and has a very nice 76 note keyboard with even two modulation wheels. It has an internal sequencer that I'll probably will never use, but the sounds are so great. I can do FM like the famous DX-7mkII but it can also load samples. And you can fuse these together for really cool sounds. It also has very interesting resonant multi stage Time Variant Filters. That sounds scary right? But they do sound very analog. This machine is in my opinion the best digital synthesizer ever build by Yamaha. Even the internal sound effects are very good. I just love the reverb on it. You can set it very long and it still sounds great :) This is definately a great addition to my collection.


Wildpaws said...

I hope you will enjoy your SY99! I started using the SY77 in 1990 when they first came out, always regretted not upgrading to the SY99 when they were new. I picked up an SY99 in pristine condition about four years ago and absolutely love it. You are more than welcome to join us over at YamahaforumsUK if you have any SY99 questions: http://www.yamahaforums.co.uk/index.php . There is a forum member working on clones of the SYEMB05 RAM modules, the 99 is more fun with more RAM, mine has five RAM expanders in it and I'm currently looking at the Musitronics 5mb ram expansion to take my current 3mb to 8mb total. Enjoy!!

Synth.nl said...

Thank you very much :)