08 November 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 19)

I'm posting another update since lots of things are happening now in the new studio. This week the central floor heating system was fully installed and since the concrete of the floor is dry enough now, they also switched it on. I asked the plumber if he wasn't afraid of leaks, but he told me that the hole system is one long hose and that is was tested in the factory. So he didn't really worry about it. Well we'll see. At least it will be nice and warm again. He told me that it will take a while to heat up initially, but when it is warm it will stay comfortable a long time.

In the picture on the right you see the machine that gets the moisture out. It is running day and night now. It actually is a combined heater and condenser. We have to check it from time to time now to see if it isn't running over. We have to get the water out with buckets. It is amazing by the way how much water still is coming out of it. And it is hard to believe that all this water was all in the air first. It looks like the studio is drying up well now and the floor heating will only help. So hopefully next week we can start laying the carpet on the floor and paint the walls.

The nicest thing they installed last week were the new stairs. Here you see a picture from downstairs. It looks really nice being all wood and it is so much more comfortable to go up and down now. It is not completely finished yet since the railings on the side are still missing. I hope they will install those next week. Not only for safety but it looks better too.

Since the stairs are closed my wife is talking now to the constructor to make a door under the stairs and use the empty space under it to store some stuff we don't use much. That would be very convenient. We do have quite a big house but we don't have much storage room actually. It was amazing by the way how quickly they installed these stairs. They must have done it before ;)

Before the stairs were installed we moved one of my full height 19" cabinets downstairs. The other one will stay upstairs. We made a separate room in the basement were a lot of the computers for the studio will go. It will become kind of a server room, but I will also use it to store some crates I have with cables and other parts. So it will also be a storage room. This way I can keep the studio nice and tidy. It 1.5 by 4 meters wide so it can hold quite some stuff. I'd like especially the noisy stuff in there so the studio will be as quiet as possible. Unfortunately the electrician didn't show up on Friday so we still have no power or network cabling in there. I'll have to wait until he is finished before I can start moving some stuff in this room. I'll keep you posted on the progress as usual :)

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