15 November 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 20)

Again lots has happened last week. The most important thing for me though was the installation of the cabling guidance system. Earlier you could see the space that was left open in the floor. Well here you can see what it is for. It is only much wider than I expected and it is also further away from the way. The good news is that more cabling will fit in, but my furniture builder has to make some changes now. Also an extra strip of carpet will have to be made behind the cabling guiding system. But I'm very happy with it. On both sides of the metal the constructor will put in concrete to make it equal with the existing floor. The only thing you will see after that is the metal on top.

Another important thing was done as well. We put in a big hose underneath the foundation of the existing part of the house to the new part. Through here all the cabling will go for power and network connectivity between the two parts. I asked the electrician to put in plenty of UTP cabling mounted on a patch panel on both sides so that I can use it for what ever I like. I can tell you that this hose is not very flexible so it took a lot of effort to put it in place. But when I'd need another cable in the future it can easily go trough this as well.

In this picture you can see the other end of the hose as it is now. There is one grey cable coming out that serves as temporary power feed. We already hooked up some light bulbs as well so now we finally have some light downstairs. Also the big heather is connected to this so that our living room fuse stays put :) All together we drew a bit too much amps from that one fuse. On the top right you also see some UTP sticking out on a roll. This is not coming from the other side, but meant for upstairs. The new part will be fed from downstairs as well for power.

As you can see from this picture on the right our current power cabinet is kind off crowded already. And another 5 groups (at least) will have to be made. The electrician and myself agreed quickly that this would not fit any more in a safe way. For this reason we decided that we will make another sub power distributor in the server room downstairs. There is plenty of room there.

If you are wondering what the heck all this stuff is: There is some home automation, alarm, CAI TV, video surveillance stuff, telephony, internet and networking equipment etc. And yes I know that is not normal. You don't have to remind me ;)

In the mean time we are very busy finishing the upstairs part. In the picture on the left you see that the ceiling is being spray painted. In the mean time we did the wall our selves. Also the carpet upstairs was put in last week and actually we are moving the stuff in the this weekend. I'm typing this actually while taking a break from carrying stuff around. It is nice that some stuff is being finished now. The studio is still a bit behind schedule because it is still to moist for some work that has to be done. We still take out about 3-5 big buckets of water from the de-moisturizer. Well we'll see how things are next week.

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