28 November 2008

Yamaha Motif XS6

I recently sold some stuff from my current studio to make room for some new stuff. This Motif XS6 was actually on my mind for a while already. I played it several times at Live Music, one of the music stores where I usually buy my things, and liked the sound a lot but I decided two times before to wait until the new studio was finished. But last weekend I visited my friend Qui Robinez, who also designed a lot of sounds for me, and he already bought the Yamaha XS8. He showed me what this synthesizer can do and I was blown away. I thought it was just another good sounding rompler, but don't let that first impression fool you. There is actually a very complex synthesizer underneeth. Lots of modulation posibilities and the arpreggiators alone are to die for :) You don't see that though until you fire up the editor that comes along with it. Really amazing what you can do with it. I learned from my friend also that you can install two regular DDR Dimms in it to give it 1 Gbyte extra memory and after that you can do sampling as well on it and load some pretty amazing extra sound banks. This thing even has an ethernet connection where you can upload samples to it over the network. I heared it last weekend next to the Korg M3, that I already love and I must admit that this Yamaha outperforms it. So when I was at Live Music yesterday and played on it again I couldn't wait any more and took it home. I ended up playing on it all night long :)

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