18 November 2008

Dutch interview on Radio Ridderkerk

Last week I did another interview in Dutch. This time it was a dual interview together with Ron Boots in the studio of Radio Ridderkerk. The interview was done by Tim van Veen on his show 'When the nigh falls'. The show was one hour long and he played only Ron's music and my music and interviewed us in between.

It was very special for me to do this interview together with Ron. He is a good friend, a very good musician and he also discovered and signed me since he is also co-owner of 'Groove Unlimited' (my record label) where he also mastered both my Albums. So Ron is really the person that made it possible for me to release my music. I'm very thankful for that.

We arrived early at the radio station. I was there at 21:00 and the show only started at 23:00. We had a great conversation in the cafeteria of the radio station, where Ron Boots and Tim van Veen dug up old memories. Ron had been there a couple of times in the last 20 years. Actually they didn't even know how many times exactly. It was nice that actually some people came to the studio to listen the interview and take pictures. I never had so many pictures taken of me. I think we left there by 0:45 or something having another chat after the show. All in all I had a great time and would go there again any time. Thank you Tim and Ron!

Well if you understand Dutch you can listen to the interview on my website. If you don't listen anyway since they also played some tracks from my 'AtmoSphere' album that you probably didn't hear before and also some nice music from Ron Boots new album 'Mea Culpa' ;)

You can find a copy here: http://www.synth.nl/interviews.php

There are also some other interviews to listen to also in English and German. And don't worry I already have two upcoming interviews planned that will be in English. And of course I will put a copy of those on my website as well.

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