22 November 2008

Synth.nl up the Charts on ReverbNation

Yesterday something amazing happened on my ReverbNation page. I went up 2269 places in one day to number 4 :) Actually today I'm on position 3 today! but I wanted to show you this picture. I'm sure the main reason for this was that ReverbNation has some kind of cooperation now with MySpace and now they also count my MySpace friends as fans on their site. And there are a lot of friends on my MySpace page. 77124 at the time of writing!! So if you like my music. Do visit these kind of pages and give me some plays and become my friend on these sites. The more the better! You will help me to promote my music and get it heard out there! There is a list of sites I'm at on my links page here:



Anonymous said...

Heee Michel, dat is wel cool zeg! Chris

Synth.nl said...

Tsja.. Zal wel tijdelijk zijn.

(probably only temporary).