25 February 2010

ASM-2 (Part 10)

I worked some more on the ASM-2 last week. I did some more work on the front panel components. This time I installed a lot of pot meters. The hardest thing is to figure out what goes where. There is no clear documentation on this only some suggestions from Elby Designs. I ordered a complete front panel component kit back then, but it looks like it isn't complete. I'm definitely some pot meters short and I found a broken one in the package. I also installed two push button switches for manual gating the ADSR's and three rotary switches that had to be limited to 4 positions first. Finally I installed some led holders where I changed the leds in some because I wanted different colors than were in there. I also switched the stereo jacks I had left from the last time.

And here is a picture of the back of the front panel. You can see there are still some components missing. Those are not all the missing pot meters. I still have some left, but not enough. What is also strange is that in the front panel the holes for the potmeters or VCA2 are bigger than on VCA1. I guess that is a design flaw, I can't imagine any reason why there should be different size potmeters there. I will e-mail Elby with these questions before I continue. It is nice to know what you are doing I guess :) And to be honest I'm done with it for now as well. This is not the job I like the most. Because the cabinet is so big it is quite difficult to hold a component on the front and fasten it from the back. I can feel some muscles now that I didn't know I had ;)

So after this I put the ASM-2 cabinet back on top of my modular desk. I still think it looks great there. But for now it is not doing anything but standing there. I hope I can get some life into it soon, but I still have a lot of other projects that I need to finish also that I think are more important first. Next week Gerrit my furniture builder is coming with the second extension to the modular desk by the way. I already let him know that some modifications must be made to the first extension. Most modules don't fit in there unfortunately. Ah well. We'll get that right eventually as well.

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