13 February 2010

Klee Sequencer (Part 9)

Today I finished the wiring on the Klee Sequencer. In the picture you can see a final shot of the wiring on the back. After doing a final round of visual inspection of the wiring I found out quickly that I forgot one wire that was supposed to go to the Random Treshold pot meter. So I had to cut loose a lot of tie-wraps and re-wrap them again to hold this extra wire in an existing bundle. Then I added a MOTM style power connector and twisted some wire on it. I think it looks neat like this. Then I decided it was time to go on and give it a test. Always the most exciting part.

So I attached it to my lab power supply and looked closely if it didn't take too much current first. There are too much components on the PCB with wires running on it to wait for smoke this time ;) Well some leds came on immediately to it looked OK. I attached a clock signal to it after that to see what happened. But quite soon some unexpected stuff happened. I found out that I short circuited the top 5 and 6 switches. A little piece of solder was right between the two wires on the PCB. When I fixed that I also found that they were swapped :( Ah well luckily I left the wires long enough to swap them. I also miswired the B-inv switch and the random switch. Well that was all fixed within the hour. And then it the whole sequencer looked to work OK.

Then I hooked a VCO up to it and an ADSR with a VCA to create some notes on the output. It is really a fun machine to play with. It took me some time though before I figured out how some of the functions work. Especially the priority of the bus switches and CV outputs when you have multiple steps is particular I think. But I guess that is what makes a Klee a Klee :) Well I think I really need togo and read the manual before I make conclusions ;) I guess some calibration is left now, but I'm happy that it works anyway. I didn't make any big mistakes in the wiring and that is a relief.

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