18 February 2010

Windows 7 on Solid State Disk

At the moment I'm upgrading the two PC's in my studio to Windows 7. I never delete my old installs since sometimes you really need to go back to them for certain files, so I had to buy a new disk for the both of them. I found out that the price on Solid State Disks have dropped dramaticly so I bought two 128 Gbyte SSD's. They are great since they have no moving parts, don't get hot and make NO noise at all :) The data for these machines will remain on a RAID1 set of normal disks for now. So I use these SSD's only to boot Windows 7 from and to install my software. I just finished the video/mastering PC in my studio with a 32 bits version of Windows 7 and reinstalled all software back on it. Everything seems to run fine. Next up is the Audio PC. I will go for a 64 bits version on that one. But there is a lot of software installed on it, so that will take some more time.

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