03 February 2010

Klee Sequencer (Part 6)

Last night I couldn't work on the Klee Sequencer since it was leaking again in the studio. But this morning while waiting for my constructor I could work some more on it. I started wiring the components the furthest away on the front panel. Here you see a close-up shot of the Glide potmeters, the CV A, B and A+B jacks and the optional A, B and A+B jacks. I still don't really understand the difference between the normal CV jacks and the optional ones, but I'm sure I'll figure that out somewhere along the way ;)

After that it was time for the digital side. In the picture you see the trigger and gate jacks for Bus 1,2,3 and the Main gate and trigger. There are also 4 leds for Bus 1,2,3 and main. The three switches you see there where not on the same connection, so I will see how I wire them later. I try to take this step by step and not overdue. If I find out later that I can run a few wires by a route that I used before, I just cut out the tie-wraps. Put the extra wires in the bundle and put new tie-wraps around it. You can better spend a few dimes on some extra tie-wraps I guess than to come up with a bad looking module :) For these outer components I decided to take a new route. I made two bundles of wires on the outer side of the switches.

And here is an overview pictures. You can see the outer bundles clearly here. In case you wonder how they stay in place. Well just near the first and last switch I stick the wires on the the switch. Then find some wire close to that and tie-wrap it on there. The leads to the first soldered components then are kept short, so that it can't fall from behind the switches. It looks like it is a floating bundle but it really isn't. Still left to do now are the upper row of switches the center switches and the leds around that. So now I'm going to figure out how to wire them :)

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