27 February 2010

Surround Monitoring Setup

Last week I've been very busy in the studio together with Sjoerd from Sjoerd Productions who helped me to mount new speaker stands in the studio. I'm planning to work with surround sound in the future and I need a monitoring setup for that. I still had my old Behringer Truths that I used in my previous AtmoSphere studio. So for now I'm going to use them as my temporary surround setup. I hope to replace them in the future with digital Genelecs to integrate in my main stereo monitoring setup. But for now they will do I guess. I'm just going to do some experiments now.

It is a 5.1 setup with also a seperate subwoofer. In the picture above you see al the stereo front speakers. From left to right the Behinger, Avantones, Mackies and Genelecs. They all have their qualities and if my mixes sound good on all of them I'm sure they will sound good on your setup as well :) In the picture on the right you see one of the back speakers and you can also see the speaker mount below them. According to the manufaturer they should be able to hold 25 kilo and the Behringers are 15 kilo, but it sure looks like they have a lot to handle. I hope they hold.

In this picture you can see the center speaker. We mounted the center and surround speakers a little higher, since I'm also planning to replace them eventually with smaller speakers. I will leave the outer behingers then just for stereo (hifi) monitoring I guess. The speaker mounts are very universal since the speakers are not actually attached to them. They just stand on there, so I can replace them easily with different ones later on. Well now I just have to hook everything up to get some sounds from them. The cables are already in place but I need to solder connectors on them. The only problem is that the cables are not near my soldering iron ;) So I'll have to move the soldering iron to the cables this time.

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