03 February 2010

Still Leaking in the Studio :(

I'm sure you read about the leak in my studio before and thought it was fixed by now. Well not really :( It has been leaking with every rain shower that lasts for more than an hour or so. I got used by now to setup these red plastic seat raisers that we bought for the cinema. But they are excellent to hold water too. Yesterday though it rained very hard for a very long time and last night when I went downstairs the left one overflowed and the carpet was all wet :( I used some towels to try and get the carpet dry. This morning I called my constructor again, since it had never leaked this hard.

He had opened up another part of our wall because we suspected there had to be another leak after we fixed the first one. And since it was leaking harder than it ever did before we suspected we had to be closer to the hole. It is really a shame that we have to tear down the stuff again that he made so neatly, but we will have to find the leak eventually. And I must say my constructor has pride in his work and he is very cooperative. After he opened up some more we put the garden hose on there for a while. And guess what?

We put quite some water in there and about 20 minutes after we stopped putting water in it came out again. It started leaking first in the server room where we also had water before. But about five minutes after that it also started to leak again on the same spot in the studio. So I guess we are in the right spot now. After this he decided to tear down even more outside and he was determined to find it this time. In the mean time I stayed downstairs to make sure it wouldn't come out anywhere I didn't have a bucket yet. I'm still scared it will leak on any equipment of course.

And then we found this. Look closely in the picture on the right and you see that the black stuff has come lose from the wall and water could run in there. Normally on top of this stuff is some isolation, a layer of sand and the tiles from our terrace. So I guess when that saturated, the water will go in there. And also the water that will run down from the wall will go in there. On the whole newly build wall during the construction they put this stuff behind the wall, but this was already there so they couldn't do that here. My constructor was not happy to see this and said it had to be fixed anyway.

He decided to take out the first row of tiles along the whole terrace. And we found that it was loose along the whole way :( Probably the guy that did the roof of the cellar just didn't know that there was a coming a big layer on top of there and figured the water wouldn't rise that high. Well I'm glad we found something again. At least now there is light on the end of the tunnel. My constructor is going to think of a structural solution now and promised to come back as soon as possible. Providing that the weather cooperates. So keep your fingers crossed that it will stay dry the coming period since now it is even more open and I guess it will leak even harder :( And that means that when it rains we really can't leave the house or we have to arrange for someone to water-sit our house. Well I'll keep you posted on the progress of course. To be continued......


Mary-Cat said...

Oh Michel, what a mess! I hope that everything gets sorted for you and that this problem gets solved quickly. I will be praying for dry skies for you.

Synth.nl said...

Yeah it is a mess for sure. Thank you for your prayers :)

fred said...

Hoi Michel, I hope the problem is solved, staying up because its raining, is very stressful.
I love your Blog by the way.

Fred Pronk

Synth.nl said...

Hoi Fred, Dank je wel. Ik hoop ook dat het gefixt is. Groeten Michel