16 February 2010

Wilba MB-6582 (Part 4)

I finally sourced a nice Commodore 64 Power Supply for the MB-6582 from E-bay. Actually the shipping was more expensive than the Power Supply itself, but now I can finally continue. As you can see this is the newer type that came with the Commodore 64 II. I was a bit worried that this one would have different voltages or something like that, but I couldn't find an old type and I read everywhere that this type is more stable. So I decided to go for it anyway. In the worst case I could always look up an Commodore 64 II without a power supply ;)

Then I looked up the pinout of the power connector and hooked the power supply up to the mains power. I measured on the connector and it just have +5V DC and 9V AC like it should be so that was clear. Then I hooked it up to the MB-6582 base PCB and measured the power on the different test points on the PCB. Wilba advises to do this first before inserting IC's that makes sense. You don't want to blow up your precious SID chips. I measured +5V, +9V and +12V nicely where they were supposed to be so all was clear now to continue this project :)

Then I inserted all the IC's. I had some trouble doing so because I couldn't read all the text on the PCB silkscreen anymore. On the small IC's the text is actually under the IC sockets. So I looked on the MB-6582 Wiki for a silk screen picture, but couldn't find it. But luckily through Google I found a high-res picture that someone made of the PCB without components, so that helped me on. After inserting all the IC's I switched the power on again and nothing got hot and all voltages still looked great. So I guess so far so good. Next thing is to hook up the display and see if something happens. I'll keep you posted on the progress, but it is starting to become a synthesizer slowly but surely :)

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