09 February 2010

Klee Sequencer (Part 8)

I worked some more on the Klee Sequencer again. This time I wired the 16 switches on the other side of the front panel. You can see a close-up picture of them on the left. There was not much room any more between the pot meters and the switches, but I managed to get the wires through while leaving the pot meters still reachable in case I still need to solder on them. It is really getting crowded now both on the PCB as on the front panel, but it still looks nice I think. But I'm still not done.

And here is an overview picture again. I still need to put in 8 wires. So the end is in sight. I still have to do the 'left over' components that I talked about in my previous post. And then I really hope it works because it will be a real pain to redo wiring when I made a mistake. I'm quite confident though since I was very careful and checked everything from both ends for every wire. But sometimes I worked late on it and the brain doesn't always work that well at times that I should be sleeping ;) Ah well we'll see. 8 more wires soon and then I'm going to hook it up to a power supply :)

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