08 February 2010

Classical Project Files Recovered

Recently I posted on here that I had trouble opening some files of the Classical Project I'm working on. I had planned to release this project on CD in May, but due to this problem I had to postpone that. Since then I've been working hard to get these files working again. And I have some good news. As of today I can access and open all tracks again. Not everything is OK yet, but at least I can work on them again. This doesn't mean that I can still release it in time, since I already started working on my Apollo Missions Album for 2010 and I need all the time for that, but it does mean that I don't have to postpone the Classical Project for a very long time either. I guess I will be able to release it somewhere in the beginning of 2011 now. I'm quite happy actually that these files work again. I was very worried actually. Buy luckily I make a lot of backups and I also got some nice help from Sacha from Roland to solves some issues with the old files I recovered. The picture is made by Bart Auceps by the way. It was one of the idea's we had for the cover. I'll keep you posted on the progress of the Classical Project when I have news.

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