05 May 2008

Waldorf Pulse

I just acquired a Waldorf Pulse. It is monophonic analog synthesizer with 3 analog Oscillators, 2 LFO's and an analog filter. It even has an arpeggiator on board. Especially the modulation routing possibilities are quite flexible. That can mean only some great sounds I think :) I heard it is great for analog bass and lead sounds, but I didn't hear it yet. Just picked it up. At least it doesn't take up a lot of space.

I think it is a nice addition to my Waldorf collection. But I'm still doubting if I will put it in the rack toghether with the MicroWave I and the MicroQ Phoenix edition or that I will put in in my analog corner. Where I actually think it belongs because it is analog and the other Waldorfs I have are not. So I'll see. First let's play with it :)

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