29 May 2008

Juno 60 is back with Kenton

This morning I picked up my Juno 60 from the guy that repaired it. It is completely mint now. He did quite some work on it. He completely cleaned it, opened some sliders, switches and the volume potmeter. The arpeggiator switch was broken when I got it from Canada. He replaced it with a new one that we bought on E-bay. That switch came from a Juno 60 that was sold as spare parts. So it is a truely original Juno 60 switch. The last thing that was done is a power conversion from 110 to 220 Volts. I don't need to buy a power convertor now.

I also bought his old Kenton Pro DCB MK2 converter. It needed one because the Juno 60 has no midi. It was build in the pre-midi era. Roland did put a DCB port on this synthesizer toghether with some other CV based external inputs. In the picture on the down left, you see the DCB port. In combination with this converter I can use Juno 60 in my midi based setup now. It even syncs the arpeggiator to midi clock, which is very cool off course :)

I also left something behind for repair. The Ensoniq ESQ-1 that I bought recently has an empty battery. In this way it doesn't hold any parameters and that is very annoying. The battery is soldered on the PCB and I didn't want to change it myself. The Ensoniq also has very old software in it. Version 2.0 to be precise and I found ROM images of the latest version on the internet which is 3.5. We will put this version in it. He has an Eprom programmer so he can burn the ROM's and put them in when the synthesizer is open any way.

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