24 May 2008

Live radio interview on All FM Tuesday night

I will do a another live radio interview at an English radio station called All FM. The interview will part of a show called Night Moves. It is broad casted live on Tuesday Night the 27th/28th of May from 1 am until 3 am UK time (GMT). My interview will be on at around 1:25 am. It will last for about 15 minutes I was told by Vicky the presenter of the show. I have no idea yet what she will ask. It is completely live. It is a nice show, I have been played there before. I will try to record the interview for my archive off course, but try to tune in when you can. I'm looking forward to the interview and off course will let you know how it went. You can listen to it over the live stream on their website. You can find that here: http://www.allfm.org/

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Synth.nl said...

I just changed the times from pm to am. I made a mistake there. The interview is just after midnight UK time.