01 May 2008

All set for Wuppertal

I'm all set to leave to Wuppertal saturday to visit the Ambient Experience concert. As you can see I already received my ticket so nothing can go wrong there. I have no idea what to expect there exactly but I've seen on several forums that more people will be there that I already met in cyberspace. Always nice to see a face going along with that. I will meet Bjorn from Nattefrost for sure. It turned out even that we booked the same hotel. I will also bring along some stuff he asked for that you can only buy in Holland. And I will bring the MS20 USB controller from Korg for him.

He sold it a while ago and regretted it, but I never used it at all. So I won't miss it. It was in my studio only for decoration purposes. I would rather have a real one some day. Unfortunately I could only find 3 patch cords that came with it. I'm sure I have more somewhere, but I have no idea where. A well they are quite easy to make I guess. I recently made some myself for the PAIA modular. Well I'm really looking forward to the concerts saturday night. I will let you know here how it was off course :)

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