24 May 2008

Sonar 7 demonstration at Live Music

Today I was at Live Music in Arnhem (one of my favorite synth suppliers) for a Sonar 7 demonstration. I have been working with Sonar already for a long time, but last time that I attended a demonstration like this I did learn some new stuff. So I decided to go again today. The demonstration was combined with a demonstration of some new products from East-West as well. The demonstration was given by Tim Hüfken. He is a very experienced music producer that has been working with my big synth hero Jean-Michel Jarre on his last album Teo and Tea. He is a very nice guy as well by the way. Tim started out with the East-West products. All great sounding sampled instruments. I use their Symphonic Choirs myself and I love it. What I heard sounded great and the new player that were promoting looks very promising. The Sonar demonstration was even more interesting. Off course I already knew 90% of what Tim showed, but he also demonstrated the very powerful audio snap feature that I haven't used yet. And I found out that there is a lot of new plugins that came with the upgrade from 6 to 7 that I never even saw before :) I really need to read a manual sometimes ;)

before the demonstration and during the break I played a bit around on some synthesizers. I do that more often at Live Music, but I seem to have always skipped the SH-201. Because it is very cheap I thought it wasn't going to be much. But I was amazed. This little thing was great. I had so much fun with it. I always loved the Roland sound as you can probably tell from my gear list. And soon it will be even more ;) After the demo I played again on it and was sold. I bought the demonstration unit that was in the shop for a very low price. I didn't plan to buy something today at all, but well sometimes you just fall in love with something instantly. Love at first sight that is called. This little thing is a great performance / lead synthesizer. It is a VA but it sounds really analog. Now I have to find a spot for it.

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