07 May 2008

Almost got scammed on Jupiter 8

One of the synthesizers that is on my wish list already for a long time is a Roland Jupiter 8. I found a nice one on E-bay and started bidding on it. I actually won the item, but then I started to get suspicious, because communication with the seller went weird and he said didn't accept Paypal, but the auction said he did. Also buyer protection was only $200 which is very low for an item like this. So I started looking on Google for the serial number of the Jupiter and found another E-bay auction right away that was about a month old. This auction was canceled so it looked like the item was not sold, but it was from another seller. I contacted this seller and asked him if he still had it, it turned out that he did sell it, but to someone in Canada. He contacted this person for me and this Canadian still had it and wasn't selling at all. So now I knew for sure it was a scam. I was very happy that I didn't pay yet. It seems that E-bay also found out it was a scam, because the auction is deleted now. I'll have to start looking all over again. So... If you have one and want to sell it ..... Contact me :) And to everybody else. Be careful!!


3P said...

eBay has degenerated into a sinkhole of scam artists. I wouldn't buy a CD there..

Synth.nl said...

Too bad it has gotten like this.