31 May 2008

More studio changes

I'm still moving around some stuff in my studio. I found a nice spot for the Juno 60 in my analog corner. I moved the JX-8P that was in that spot somewhere else. The Kenton DCB to midi convertor is on the Juno 106 that is directly on the right of the Juno 60 now. Two brothers next to each other :) As you can see I also found a spot for the Poly 800 reversed keys just behind it. I ofter get the question if everything is connected so I can play. The answer is yes. Everything is connected with midi and audio to play right away.

I also put another table top rack on my desk on the right in my digital corner. I moved the Access Virus B and Novation Supernova 2 to this rack. These synthesizer were in my big rack, but since these synthesizers have a lot of knobs I like to turn, I wanted to have them closer to my work spot. On the bottom of the rack you see a Roland UM550 midi interface that I actually use as a patch bay to connect these synthesizers to the midi in and out of the Virus TI Polar. This way I can easily jam on them from the Polar keyboard. Also the Blofeld and plugiator are connected to this patchbay. This way I can also stack them easily for a very thick sound.

The last thing it did is add two small keyboard stands to put the Roland SH201 and Oberheim/Viscount OB12 near to me. I put them on the right of my digital corner. I can play 6 keyboards at the same time now from this work spot, well 2 at a time off course ;) Very nice for jamming, but also when I'm recording. I like some keyboards more for playing chords and others more for soloing, even depending on the kind of sound I use. For pitch bending for example I love the Roland joystick, and for modulation sometimes a modulation wheel is easier, because it stays in the position you put it and the Roland joystick doesn't. Well I'm sure I'm not done moving yet. Still trying to achieve some optimal situation. I think soon will be time for new pictures for my website :)

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