31 May 2008

AtmoSphere Album coming 11th of October 2008!

I have exciting news: Last week I signed a new record contract with Groove Unlimited!! They will also release my second album on their label. I'm very happy about this. It is scheduled to be released on the 11th of October 2008. It will be released during E-live, a very nice Electronic Music event that Groove organizes every year. My new album will be called 'AtmoSphere'. I'm still working very hard on this album, but it will be finished in time for sure. My inspiration for this album came by the atmosphere around our beloved planet earth. The songs are inspired by the different layers of air around the world, the different clouds that are encountered in these layers and the sounds of different weather phenomena. You will travel through these layers of air starting on the surface of the earth and ending up in space :) I sampled a lot of things like thunder storms, rain, wind etc that started my inspiration for many of the songs that you will hear.

At the moment I'm working on the cover art with a friend of mine. I will update you soon on this project. Here you can see it is already announced on the Groove website as well. You can find more information on this project on my main website on this URL:


There is already a track on this page to give you some idea. But please note that this track is not a finished version yet. It is just a teaser. I will add more information soon. I hope you will all like this album when it is done. I'm back to work now ;)

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