01 May 2008

Korg Poly 800 reversed keys

As you have seen before from my Micro Korg purchase I just love reversed keys. A while ago I acquired a Korg Poly 800 with reversed keys as well. I found it by accident, but really loved the looks right away and the price was low so I decided to buy it without even knowing what it sounded like. It turned out to be a simple but lovely synthesizer actually. It is an analog 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer with just one handicap and that is just one filter for all the voices together. It is a true analog VCF filter though despite the oscillators being DCO's. It is great for basses I think. It really growls at you there and it really sounds very analog indeed.

I managed to find a place for it between my Alesis Andromeda and the Juno 106 in my analog corner. Sorry for the lousy picture quality of today by the way, but I took this pictures with my phone since my wife took the camera with here today. I didn't put it here by the way for it to be easy to play on, because it isn't ;) But it is close to the other analog stuff. And I like to keep that together. I don't know how long I can keep this up though since I've been collecting more and more analog stuff. I will have to make a DCO and VCO separation in the future I guess :)

In the spot I put the Poly 800 in there used to be my Elektro Harmonix Smallstone and Mistress. I moved them temporary to the floor now. This is really not ideal an ideal place off course. I'll have to find a new place for them soon. This way it is not easy to turn the knobs and that really is a delicate process on these machines. I really love them. These are the units that made the famous Jarre sound in combination with the Eminent 310 organ. My Eminent 310 still resides in my office by the way. I have no room for it at the moment :( But I can't wait to get it a decent place in the studio some day.

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