24 December 2009

Yusynth (Part 17)

And this morning I finished another YuSynth module. It is a YuSynth Saw Animator module. As you can see this is a factory produced PCB. I this as a complete kit from Bridechamber including the components. While inspecting the components I found there were 2 resistors missing and there were 1 uF elcos supplied in stead of the polyester capacitors that should be there, but I could easily get them from Farnell. I didn't really bother to contact Bridechamber about it. One nice thing about this PCB is that the component values are on the silkscreen of the PCB. So documentation is close at hand :)

Wiring PCB is becoming standard production work here in my studio the last days :) So I got this one wired very quickly again. Actually this module is a dual module. There are two Saw Animators on the PCB. So you have wiring for module 1 and module 2 being an exact copy. There are also two LFO's standard on the PCB. The LFO's output is normalized to the Mod Input and is disrupted when you insert an external jack. Saw Input 1 is also normalized to Saw Input 2. So if you input a saw on input 1 it is replicated to input 2 automatically.

And here is the completed module. Calibrating is easy. You apply a 10V Peak Peak saw signal and then adjust one trim potmeter to get the output saw aligned and using another trim potmeter you balance the DC offset to get it nicely around the zero. Then you do the same for the output of the other part of the module. If you input other signals than a saw you get some neat output results as well by the way. Also when you don't input a full 10V peak peak signal the output is different. Quite funny what you can do with this fairly simple module.

And here is the finished module from the front. The leds you can see indicate the speed of the internal LFO. As said before you can override those with an external signal. But what does it do then? Well you can 'animate' or 'modulate' a boring saw into an alive one. It thickens up the sound. I heard my PC oscilloscope is back by the way. Maybe I'll grab some signal pictures with it later on so you can see what it does. I hope Gerrit comes back soon with the modified piece for my cabinet so I can finally screw some modules into place and start working with them. For now I'm going to look what is next on my backlog pile :) I'm sure I don't have to be bored the coming days. As always I'll keep you updated on the progress.


yusynth said...

Hi again

I have published a improvement to the SAWANIMATOR based on a small add-on board which provides with a smoother internal modulation and provides also an internal mixer to combine the raw saw with the modulated one.

Check this here :

Synth.nl said...

OK cool. I'm going to look at that. Thanks Yves. Great that you read this and comment here :)