24 December 2009

Modular Desk Adjustment

Gerrit my Furniture builder was here today to look at the adjustment that needed to be done to my modular desk to fit in the Synthesizers.com modules. So in the morning I cleared everyhing out of the desk to make room for him to work. But he thought it would be better to do it in his workshop, because he has better tools there. So he actually sawed out the upper bar and took it with him. Hopefully I will get it back next week. So still no Q960 sequencers in there unfortunately. Ah well patience will pay out I'm sure Gerrit will make it even nicer than I though. We also discussed a little extension on the desk today. I'm thinking to put some stuff left and right of the desk since there is still space there, but for now it are just ideas. I'll let you know when he has been back here.

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