13 December 2009

Synth.nl played on Elektroland #96 and #97

In the first two weeks of November music from my OceanoGraphy album was played on the Danish Elektroland Podcast by Bjorn Jeppessen. He has a very nice show with electronic music that is broadcasted on several radio stations in Denmark. His shows are archived online so you can still listen to them online. The reason I bring this to your attention is that he played my song 'Indico' twice. This track is not online on my website or my MySpace page so you probably haven't heard it yet if you don't have the album yet. I think it is a very nice relaxed piece and I think it is worth listening. It is one of my personal favorite tracks of the OceanoGraphy album. You can find Elektroland here: http://www.nattefrost.dk/elektroland

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