17 December 2009

Synthesizers.com Sequencers Arrived

As you will know by now I'm building a big modular synthesizer myself. But there were some modules I couldn't build buy as a kit, so I bought they assembled. In the picture you see two Synthesizers.com Q960 sequencers and below some utility modules to accompany them. These sequencers are build after the original Moog sequencers that were used by bands like Tangerine Dream in the 70's and are still used by a lot of people these days to make 'Berliner Schule' music. I want to try and use these sequencers next to the sequencers I'm building myself to create some inspiring melodies that I can use in my own music. The only thing I noticed right away is that they don't fit in the modular desk that I had build in my studio. I already contacted Gerrit that build the desk and he will come by next week and see if he can solve it. I'm quite convinced that he can actually :)

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