20 December 2009

Modular Progress Overview 2

I'm working very hard now on finishing some modules for my big modular. So I thought it was a nice moment to post another overview of the current status. I know some of you are following this blog for my DIY stuff and some of you have no idea what it is all about :) So from time to time I will show what it is becoming. In the picture on the left are the modules that I have finished or nearly finished. I'm working at the moment on the YuSynth LFO's and Saw Animator. So you can expect a post on those soon. If you click on the picture and zoom in you can see what it all is. Every module has a text label.

And here is the big overview picture of the hole modular desk. As you can see there is still a lot of empty space, but that will become all filled some time to form one big modular synthesizer. Most stuff will be self build, but there will also be some pre-build modules in there soon like the Synthesizers.com modules I bought recently. On the top left you see the ASM-2 that I'm also still building and in the middle on top is the Elektor Formant that I still need to restore as well. I tried to repair the old power supply that came with it, but it is so damaged that I decided to go for a new power supply for it actually.

And there is lot to some soon. I have been working on a lot of modules the last year that all are missing parts. 95% of the components on the PCB's is very ordinary and cheap stuff that I can find in my local electronics shop, but some parts are very difficult to track down and sometimes quite expensive. So I have a huge backlog of stuff I need to finish right now. I will do a post about that as well later on so you have an idea. I'm still enjoying especially the DIY stuff a lot, but the whole modular is still not in any state to produce music with it. So I'm really eager to create some sounds with it soon, that is why I'm working very hard now to finish enough stuff to be able to hook it all up soon :)


Cosmic Mike said...

Whoa! That's beautiful Michel, Fantastic looking Mod

Synth.nl said...

Thanks Mike :)