02 December 2009

More Front Panels Arrived

After my initial test with the YuSynth VCO front panel that I ordered through Schaeffer, I decided to make some more panels for projects that I'm building. In the picture you can see this VCO panel with the potmeters already in place together with a front panel for a Buchla clone of a resonant low pass gate that I'm also building. I'm still waiting for jacks and mounting brackets from Bridechamber thought, but Scott has confirmed me now that they have been shipped. So hopefully I can finish them soon.

And today this stack arrived. On the bottom is a front panel that I designed for the Hip Bass Drum project that I did. And on top of that two YuSynth LFO front panels and two YuSynth ADSR panels. They all look great. I'm so happy that I can do this on my own now. The only thing I still can't do on my own is creating PCB's. Soon I'll go to my old employer Bird Electronics again to etch some PCB's. But I'd like to be able to do this on my own as well. So I'm looking into what I would need for that as well now. But first I'm going to do another nice batch of YuSynth PCB's next week at Bird Electronics. I'll try to take some pictures again in the process.

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