14 December 2009

MOTM 300 VCO's (Part 1)

I said before that I'm building a lot of PCB's at the moment. Among them are these three MOTM 300 VCO's. I thought since I'm building a MOTM compatible modular synthesizer there needed to be at least some MOTM modules in there. Of course I have build the two power supplies, but that doesn't really count right? They make no sound whatsoever. These VCO's are supposed to be very good. I read that they track over more octaves than a concert piano does. So they are very suitable for musical stuff. In the picture on the left you a start with the resistors on the PCB's.

Next to the PCB's I also ordered the special components kit from MOTM. It comes with some special transistor pairs and tempcos These parts are normally hard to find, so I advise you to get these as well if you are thinking of building the PCB's yourself. There are also some special resistor values on there that I have trouble finding myself. Like the 3M32 1% resistors. I have found them at Mouser, but that will cost me a lot of shipping costs. So I have them in my basket waiting until I need some more stuff from Mouser.

And here are the front panels that I also got in the same order. I still need to order jacks, potmeters, knobs and switches for them, but it is nice to have original MOTM panels. Maybe I'll get the front panel components also from Mouser to complete my order for free shipping. It will only take a lot longer that ordering from Farnell. They usually deliver the next day here. Well I'll keep you updated then I have more news on this project. For now my package from Bridechamber is finally at the post office so I can pick that up tomorrow to finish some other projects :)

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