20 December 2009

Modular Backlog Update

I promised to make a blog posting as well about the stuff that I still have to finish. In the picture on the left you see a stack of PCB's. Some are fully populated some not. On the left are some MOTM boards that will be used inside the modular for power distribution. Next to that are some CGS PCB's and on the right are a lot of Yusynth PCB that I made myself. Some of them are also spare. I made a lot of those twice while I will only completely build one. Maybe I will sell the other PCB or maybe keep them for spare for the future. Below the stack of Yusynth PCB's is also some MFOS stuff.

And here is another stack of PCB's. The stuff you see here is mostly populated as well. Most of them are Oakley PCB's but on the left is also a Mega Percussive Synthesizer from Electro-music.com also designed by Thomas Henry. Below is the Snare drum project on the breadboard. I'm saving this to make some video before I put it on a experiment PCB. In the picture on top you see also a front panel laying in the bottom of the picture. That is the Front Panel I designed for my Hip Bass Drum module. That one is quite complete so I can finish that very soon I guess.

There here some stuff I have laying on the floor right now. These are mostly front panels I'm populating. You will recognise the Klee Sequencer panel that I posted about before on the left and behind that is the MFOS Stereo Mixer I'm building. You can also see the VU meter panel on the bottom and some more Yusynth stuff that will come soon. On the far top left are the synthesizers.com Q960 sequencers. Hopefully my furniture builder Gerrit will fix the modular desk on Wednesday so that I can start installing and testing them. I can't wait for that :)

And here the last picture. On the top left is a Bridechamber multiple panel where I already put the jacks in. Then on the bottom next to the roll of black wire is an Oakley MidiDAC that will funtion as a Midi to CV converter in my modular desk. And on the right are three MOTM 300 VCO front panels. All in all quite some stuff I still have to finish, but I nearly got all the parts. Now I'm missing some potmeters that I will get from Mouser soon and I already used up all the jacks so I ordered some more of them too. I thought I had enough. But apparently I didn't ;) Well now you have seen everything, so I hope you can see why I'm a bit busy at the moment :)

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