13 December 2009

AVRSynth 32 (Part 4)

Today I worked a bit more with my daughter on the AVRSynth 32. The next thing to do was to mount all the front panel components. As said before I had to drill the holes for the led holders a bit bigger. 8 mm turned out to be the right size. For the switches I puzzled a bit which ones to use. For the power I decided to go for a double switch so that I can switch both the power and the ground later on. The rest are single on of switches. The midi address selector switches are very close together so I had to leave the mounting ring of there. And because of that I decided to leave them of on the other ones as well.

Here you see a picture of the back of the front panel. I'm quite curious by the way about the material they used to make the front panel. It looks like PCB material but on the front it is black and white. If anyone has info on this stuff I'd like to hear more about it. The only thing I'm not sure about is the orientation of the switches. But I'll see about that when I start wiring and testing. The next thing to do on here is do the inter component wiring. But since my daughter already lost interest during the mounting of the components I wont do that now.

After this I did a little job on my own. Here you see how I'm applying pressure to get the header connector on the flat cable. I used a small bench vice for this since it is quite some pressure you need for this. I made a lot of cables in the past this way, but funny enough I couldn't remember anymore where pin 1 was supposed to go. So I looked up an good old IDE hard disk cable I made in the past to see how it was supposed to be mounted. Good that I save that kind of historic material ;) After this I also made two smaller 10 pin connectors on the left over flat cable.

And here is the end result of the cables and they are already in place on the PCB. The other end will be split up and going to the front panel components later on. I also found two left over components in the case. One resistor that I still have to mount on the bottom of the PCB. And a capacitor that should go on the X2 position (big crystal), but my kit came with a small crystal that is mounted in the X1 position. So now I'm not sure if I need to mount this capacitor or not. I'll have to find out somehow. Well I hope my daughter wants to work on it some more later on. I'd like to finish this project soon. I have enough other stuff laying around as well.

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