10 December 2009

Electronic Snare Drum Project (Part 2)

I have been working on the electronic snare drum project from time to time in between waiting for components. But I missed a vital part for this project to. I had some trouble finding a 566 VCO The switch makes it possible to switch off the envelope for the filter and make the noise sound constantly. Later on I added a little mod replacing a 1M resistor for a pot meter to be able to adjust the length of the noise sound. I think this is a useful mod.

Last week I finally received the missing 566 from a seller I found on E-bay and I was able to complete the whole pchip. It is used for the shell generator. The shell generator will be build on the left part of the bread board. In this picture on the right you can see the completed snare generator complete with envelope generator, VCA and filter.roject. You can see it in the picture on the right. I did kill a 2N3906 in the process by the way because I mismounted it :) Ah well. I have enough of those. I played around with the potmeters and this drum module is actually very versatile. Not only suitable to make a snare drum sound, but you could also make a kick or toms with it. I'm very happy that it all works now. Always very satisfying :)

After this I ran the module through my Mooger Froogers for some fun results. As promised I will try to make a little video of it later on. What I need to do now is build this whole thing on a PCB off course and design a front panel for it. Too bad that I actually have to tear it apart for this, but well. At least I know it works and I really learned a lot from this project. Another thing I still need to do as well is add a manual trigger button that can work on the other modules as well that I'm building. I would like it to work next to the gate input. More soon on this project :)

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