16 September 2008

Semtex XL Semi Modular

In this picture you see the Semtex XL from Anywhere Instruments. I have it on loan now from Hanz. Here you see it on top of my Formant modular. Because of the semi modular setup the Semtex XL it is very flexible. We used it extensively on my AtmoSphere album for the creation of sound effects. Hanz made most sound effects on this one. I used the Korg MS20 from Chris and my own Moog Voyager RME myself to make even more. Together with these synthesizers and my Eventide Eclipse some pretty nice sound effects were made I think. You will hear a lot of them on my new AtmoSphere album. It is amazing what frequencies this beast can produce. I have seen stuff above 20 Khz in my spectrum analyzer coming from this synthesizer.

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Joel said...

now that's a beautiful sight! :)