02 September 2008

Building Apollo Studio (Part 8)

On Monday we discovered that the pump didn't do such a good job. The water level was actually higher than on Friday. You can see the water in the picture on the left. Were this guy is standing the desired dept of 3.1 meter is reached. But before they can start with the foundation this water has to be completely gone. They told me not to worry about it and that they already had a backup plan in place for this. As you can see by the way also the poles needed to be shortened again. So more jack hammer drilling all day long :( I'm so enjoying the silence when they go home now ;)

Shortly after that the backup plan arrived. A company specialized in this work. It was fun to see that they put this pipes in the ground with some kind of water drill. They pump water under high pressure through a hose to make a hole in the ground. Very quick. Then they could put in these pipes that are connected to a bigger pump. Within 2 hours all the water was gone and also the complete ground water level was dropped to the required depth. So after that they could continue to dig the rest also to 3.1 meters.

My wife went on the roof at our neighbors to take this picture. It gives a better idea of the scale of this project. You can also see our kitchen standing on one pole there in that corner. There is still some ground under the foundation there, but not much anymore. Quite a strange idea when we are having dinner there. Normally we can also walk outside to the garden there, but we locked that door now for safety. You can also see that it is completely dry now in this picture.

In this picture you see another load of dirt and clay leaving. Every time we think it will be the last one. But they are still driving on and of. Even our neighbors are starting to ask question now how much more loads will come. Well it should be almost done.

Also in the mean time some materials are arriving for the foundation. I guess they are a tiny bit behind schedule because of the water problem. But they will start soon on that. I'll update you again soon.

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