23 September 2008

Electronic Circus was very nice

I had a very nice time in Bielefeld at the Electronic Circus festival. It was especially nice to see my Groove colleague Gert Emmens play live, but also the other concerts were enjoyable. It was nice to meet a lot of people I know from the Internet there and also some new people. The organization of the event was superb and also the sound was good. My compliments to them all. I will definately go again next year when I'm able to. It was nice to relax a bit this weekend after all the work I did on my new album. My friend Hanz went along and I think he also enjoyed himself. We stayed in a hotel after the event so we could drive home the next day after sleeping out and a nice breakfast. The picture you see here was taken by Koos from EMportal.info. Thank you Koos for permitting me to use it.

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