09 September 2008

AtmoSphere Final Track List

The track list for my new Atmosphere album is final now. The CD will hold 12 tracks in total and it will be a bit over 70 minutes long. So you will get value for you money. At least in length ;) I have written some text for each track again to explain what inspired me to compose it. You can find them on my main website on this URL:


It could be that I'll have to shorten the text a bit to fit the CD booklet, but I don't know that yet. We are going to work on that soon. If you see anything strange in the text do let me know by the way, because I can still change it now.

Here is the final track list: (actual lengths may vary a few seconds)
  1. Troposphere (5m54s)
  2. Cumulonimbus (5m30s)
  3. Stratosphere (5m50s)
  4. Stratocumulus (5m42s)
  5. Altocumulus (5m38s)
  6. Atmosphere (7m22s)
  7. Mesosphere (6m34s)
  8. Nimbostratus (6m21s)
  9. Altostratus (4m37s)
  10. Thermosphere (6m33s)
  11. Cirrostratus (4m37s)
  12. Exosphere (6m07s)
Next Wednesday I will do the last remixing and mastering session with Ron Boots and after that I can select some tracks for you to hear and put them online as a preview.


Stefan Schulz said...

You should have at least 6 inner pages having 2 track descriptions each. Will make some nice and thick booklet. Well done, Michel.

Synth.nl said...

I'm afraid they will all have to fit on two pages. Small print just like on 'AeroDynamics'. Maybe I even will have to shorten them a bit. We will see.

Joel said...

Looking great Michel. I did email you a few corrections / suggestions - hope you got them ok.

Synth.nl said...

Yes I got them. Thanks :) I got some more as well from other people. I have until Wednesday to work on the music for my album and after that I'll start editing the text again.