06 September 2008

AtmoSphere album update

Hi I'm still not ready with the album. The last three tracks still need some work. I have about two more weeks left, so I guess I will manage that. Well it has too :) I did another remixing / mastering session with Ron Boots from Groove Unlimited last week. We did 7 tracks now. So there we are over the half of the project now. I did a listening session with my friend Hanz and we found some little things that need correction. So I will look at that with Hanz. He will probably even comes a long to the next session with Ron. Everything starts falling into place now. I'm also working on the text for the album booklet. It looks like it is almost time that I can post some samples on my website. So keep an eye on my website the coming two weeks :) Off course I will let you know on this blog when I did that.


Joel said...

Not long now... wahooo! Looking forward to it :)

Any idea when/if the new album will be available from the iTunes store? (or somewhere similar)

Synth.nl said...

Hi Joel. Thank you :) I don't know when it will be available as download/mp3 version. That is up to my label Groove Unlimited to decide. It will be released the 11th of October as a physical CD first. I will update the sales links on my website as soon as I know where it can be bought.