24 September 2008

AtmoSphere Artwork Ready

Today Kees Aerts from my label Groove Unlimited finished all the artwork for my album. I think he did a really nice job. All the text is in place now and ready to go to the printer. I also did the last mastering session today with Ron Boots. So this music is finished too. Tomorrow I will go to my friend Hanz to listen to the master for an eventual error. In the case we find anything we still have until Monday to fix it, but I hope not actually. Today I also started to prepare the promotion campaign I will do for the album. So my work is far from done yet. But at least no more dead lines for now. I can do this a bit more easy now. I hope to get some airplay of course with the new tracks and sell some albums ;) Any help would be appreciated with this promotion by the way. So if you have idea's just let me know.

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