25 September 2008

AtmoSphere music on Syndae Saturday

During the Electronic Circus in Bielefeld I met Stefan from the very nice Syndae podcast. He did a nice promotion towards this festival. From now on he will promote the E-live festival in Eindhoven. This festival is organized by Groove Unlimited and there they will also release my new album 'AtmoSphere'. Stefan is the first radio station to play one of my new tracks. He played 'Nimbostratus' which is a special track since my friend Hanz also plays with me on this track. It is actually my first cooperation. The show is online now. You can find it here:


And since it is a podcast you don't have to be afraid you missed it. It will be online to listen to at any time. I heard there are also still tickets for the E-live festival. So if you can come to Eindhoven the 11th of October. I will be present there as well with a stall.

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